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Party at my house

Walking along the warm sunny path by the creek, ducks with their butts in the air scooping goodies from down below, it occurred to me that I had to do something. A huge chunk of you, yes you, my blog-friends, are suffering … Continue reading

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Less talk, more walk: Pierce Point, part three

So, to recap: blue skies, big wind, ear ache, turn around, touch the ground, get out of town. Return, see coyote, admire horse.  Buckle your seatbelts, earthlings.   The road passes right through the middle of a ranch.  Ten-Mile Beach over one shoulder…. Tomales … Continue reading

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Come With Me to Calistoga….

After baking all those delicious desserts I needed a break.  A massage.  A hot tub.  You know the feeling.  And because he is awesome, Marty treated me to all three.  We went to Calistoga for the weekend. It rained all Saturday morning.  … Continue reading

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new tires

Marty and I took a walk while new tires were being put on his truck.  We were in Petaluma, Marty’s hometown, we were on the edge of town, and we meandered down a dead end street.  and right behind it … Continue reading

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