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Got gas?

  Four hours before the guests arrived I decided to check the propane level in the big avocado-green propane tank that dominates my back yard.  Below E, it said to me. WTF?  Normally I fill the thing twice a year.  … Continue reading

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hello, goodbye, crazy quilt

My mom is still here.  She has cleaned every inch of the house, except the garage.  She’s saving that for last.  I am so lucky to have a full-time housekeeper and cook.  She’s going back to Maine next week.  Tomorrow is her … Continue reading

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Leather-clad, purple-haired, top-hatted teen

The large fourteen-year old is a creature of habit, or something like that.  Three halloweens ago I bought him a long black leather jacket at a thrift store to top off his pirate costume.  It’s a woman’s coat (don’t tell him), … Continue reading

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Drama in Real Life!

When I was a kid, my mom had a subscription to Reader’s Digest.  The hutch at the end of the hall was full of back issues.  On rainy days we spent hours sitting on the floor and reading.  Our favorites … Continue reading

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meatloaf and mashed potatoes and moms

How can you be annoyed by a person who makes dinner for you and does dishes and tidies up little neglected corners of your home and convinces the teenager to apologize to his mad mother after he doesn’t show up when he says … Continue reading

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My mom is coming and my head didn’t explode and look at this cute dog.

Huge picture of a small dog.  They call him “Spec”, his official name is “The Inspector”.  He has a sister.  They’re Pomeranians with bad haircuts.  I hung out with Spec and his sister this past weekend. %%%%%%%%%#############************@@@@@@@@@  This week I … Continue reading

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Stylish Smilish

My fabulous and decidedly stylish friend, Margaret Reyes Dempsey, of Conjuring My Muse fame, has bestowed upon me a vat of fresh and rather aromatic blog fodder in the form of ……..The Stylish Blogger Award.    Thanks, Margaret!  Of course, there’s no such … Continue reading

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