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What’s that smell?

If you’re a member of my generation you needn’t watch the video. The good news: No more endless driving. My fish will no longer be lonely and hungry on the weekends. More time to ride my bike. More time to … Continue reading

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life and death

6:30 am.  Dark upon waking, and cold.  Who wants to ride their bike in this?  Hot tea, inspiration, it’s gonna brighten up and blue skies will bring me home.  Ok, spandex, book bag, wallet, camera, helmet, glasses, red gloves, thin … Continue reading

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more birdhouses

Today I am slowly crawling out of the hole I’ve been in all weekend.  I am squinting and shielding my eyes from the bright light that is my life.  Adjusting slowly, coming alive again, like a Chilean miner.  Riding my … Continue reading

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for the birds

Perspiring and pedaling up and over the ridge, then down, down, fast and cool into the valley, I swooped left, fairly flying along the smooth, lonely road that cut through the shaded forest of redwoods, oak, and fern. Someone has been installing birdhouses along this … Continue reading

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My skin feels sticky from dried sweat.  Rode bike to school, lifted weights and stretched for an hour in Fitness class, ate a pear and a peanut butter clif bar, watched the first half of “Shakespeare in Love” in my English class, … Continue reading

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three good things

My son’s paternal grandmother died on Friday.  She was a large, generous, happy person who lived in a huge, old farmhouse in Concord, Massachusetts, where she raised six children.  She loved to create elaborate costumes and other amazing things with fabric.  When I married … Continue reading

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bin bizzy

Been busy pedaling my bike to school and drinking tea, lifting weights, watching movies with my wonderful, eccentric English instructor (“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”, “Troy”) reading poems (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, plus his adventures with Lady Ragnelle, The Odyssey … Continue reading

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lemon meringue pie

Sitting in my big pink chair, reading “Aunt Dimity Down Under” by Nancy Atherton, I heard a voice in the driveway, “does anyone have a bicycle pump?”.  I stepped outside, because I have one.  A middle-aged women, slightly built, with … Continue reading

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