Come With Me to Calistoga….

After baking all those delicious desserts I needed a break.  A massage.  A hot tub.  You know the feeling.  And because he is awesome, Marty treated me to all three.  We went to Calistoga for the weekend.

It rained all Saturday morning.  I mean to say it dumped; there was deluge. 

We didn’t mind.  In fact we hardly noticed.   We were up to our chins in bubbles and rosemary.  Mmmmmm……

It cleared up in the afternoon so we took a walk.

Leaving the beaten path of the main street, we saw beautiful old homes, and we discovered a museum with amazing dioramas of old-time Calistoga.

I want to live in this house ^ and in this diorama:

I touched the belly and lifted the lid of this kettle that survived the Donner Party fiasco, along with it’s owner who settled in Calistoga.

I wonder how many trifles they made in this thing.

Further up the wet road:

This old wine barrel looks like it’s had one too many.

Judging from the map we got at the hotel, it was a relatively short walk to the castle down the road.  Sunday was sunny.  We walked for over an hour to get there.  The map was a bit skewed. 

Supposedly every inch of the castle is built from salvaged castle parts and pieces, all shipped over from Europe.  A winery.  “Castella di Amarosa”, which means “Heaps of money”  🙂

looking out from the chapel

a medieval mouse-catcher, imported from Europe



Have I become the dreaded relative who insists on bringing out the photo albums when all you really wanna do is go home and watch TV?

Thank you for coming to Calistoga with me.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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10 Responses to Come With Me to Calistoga….

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Looks like a neat place. Does NOT look like the area of Texas that I live in….that’s for sure 🙂

  2. A delicious respite from Miami for me for a few minutes. Thanks. Did you take the pictures? I am so bad at that- I have learned to just get the post cards.

  3. omawarisan says:

    You’ve got a great eye for photography. Actually, I’m guessing two of them.

  4. Great pictures and I feel like I just took a walk. Thanks.

    I just got a new camera…Santa came early. I love it so much I took 50 pictures in the airplane. I promise not to post them all.

  5. Hippie Cahier says:

    The photo of the cars/water/leaves is intriguing. The medieval mouse-catcher looks great for his age. And, the welcome sign — what more could you want in at town: golf course, campground, speedway, Kiwanis.A bustling Metropolis.

    I feel like I went along without having to leave the comfort of my desk. Thanks for the mini-vacation.

    • Zahara says:

      I saw that puddle and the freshly fallen leaves lying in it and just had to put my camera on the ground for a picture. That cat at the castle (you’re funny) was so friendly, I was petting him and he was trying to climb onto my shoulders. He was handsome and gentle.

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