Turn it up loud and twice



All week this song has been stuck in my head and occasionally belted out for all the  bottles of shampoo in the shower to hear. 

May it get stuck in your head for a while, too.

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15 Responses to Turn it up loud and twice

  1. gotta love the cars brings back memories of misspent youth ..lol.. off to search itunes for a cars album now ..thanks for sharing the love

  2. Sandi Ormsby says:

    How funny! I just did a CARS song in one of my recent posts

    It’s one of my favorite all time videos…just makes me crack up!

  3. The audience was especially rewarding in your pist

  4. afrankangle says:

    The Cars are still awesome!

  5. Oddly, that was just what I needed.

  6. Z: thx for the memories (and the intensity) RT

  7. OMGoodness! Thanks for giving me something great and wonderful to jam out to this morning! I have ironically had “My Best friend’s Girl” stuck in my head…..

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