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My skin feels sticky from dried sweat.  Rode bike to school, lifted weights and stretched for an hour in Fitness class, ate a pear and a peanut butter clif bar, watched the first half of “Shakespeare in Love” in my English class, … Continue reading

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Maybe if I didn’t have a blog,  if I didn’t virtually live alone,  if I had a little more spunk,  if more friends were prone to spontaneously dropping by,  if Marty lived here,  if I threw more dinner parties,  if I … Continue reading

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I’m a lousy housekeeper.  Always have been.  When I was a teenager my bedroom was always knee deep with an assortment of clothing, the bed was never made, the top of the bureau was littered with stuff.  I’m not sure why I … Continue reading

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I’m baaaaaack

Back from the weekend in Fort Bragg, Mendocino, and Ukiah.  Back from the weekend of indulgence, courtesy of Marty.  We ate and shopped and walked on the beach with the dogs.  Then we ate some more and shopped some more and walked … Continue reading

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outta here

Clean the fishtank, rearrange things a bit so the fish don’t get bored, drink tea, eat granola, check the mail, put out the trash check the laundry, water the houseplants, return library books, check the mailbox, pack a bag, run … Continue reading

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            Ceramics class.  Our first project of the semester was to make three hollow spheres, one from each of three different clays; Big Red, which is red and gritty, Sonoma White, which is white and slightly gritty, and … Continue reading

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wet berries

On that rainy Sunday, we took a walk, Marty and I, boots and umbrellas, Hoolie and Annabelle, the short-haired happy mutts.  Up the hill to inspect the new road, to see how it fared in the wet.  Along the turn near … Continue reading

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