Party at my house

Walking along the warm sunny path by the creek, ducks with their butts in the air scooping goodies from down below, it occurred to me that I had to do something.

A huge chunk of you, yes you, my blog-friends, are suffering unduly under copious quantities of white and shiny and cold stuff.  I can’t take it anymore.

This morning the phone rang early. Suspiciously early.  Sure enough, it was my mother.  She’s  coming to visit, in a week.  She lives in Maine and she can’t see over the snowbanks.  That’s where she draws the line and buys the ticket.  An open-ended ticket. 

So, I figured, heck, if my mom, who can barely see over the steering wheel, never mind the snowbanks, can escape the cold and snowy regions of this great land, then so can you.

I’ve got it all figured out.  I live in a 2-bedroom duplex with a one-car garage, a large garden shed, and a sunny, fenced backyard.  So yes, you can bring the dog, the kids, the significant other.  All I ask is that you each bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.    The men can take over Ivan’s room.  If you’re into legos, Dungeons and Dragons, or X-Box, you’ll love it.  The ladies can camp out in the living room, and my room will become the TV room.  Bring movies.  No cable, but we do have free Wi-Fi.  The adventurous among you can pitch a tent and live in the backyard.  

Working Tech Mom, I’ve got a job for you.  If you can manage 500 employees, you can manage the household.  Margaret Reyes Dempsey, I christen thee Queen of the Tea.  My mom can do the cooking, if you don’t mind good old-fashioned New England-style food.  A Clean Surface will do what she does best. Each afternoon the table will be set by our resident expert, Lulu’s MusingsThoughts Appear and Hippie Cahier will be in charge of snacks.  Eric from The Rag Tree will honor us each evening with poetry readings.  Omawarisan will try to get out of it, but I think he should do the shopping. Carl D’Agostino will be in charge of the arts and crafts activities to be held outside at the picnic table.  The Idiot Speaketh and his harem can take over the garage.  The Duck of Indeed and my son Ivan will battle to the death on the X-Box as we all watch in awe.  The Rose Bandit will keep us all in good spirits with her positive attitude.  She can accompany Omawarisan to the store to make sure he finds his way back.  Huffygirl, when she’s not out riding her bike, can tend to any first-aid issues that pop up.  Mimie from Malaysia may not make it.  I don’t think it’s snowing there.  That’s too bad, she’s got friends with cameras and photoshop abilities.  We probably won’t see much of The Roused Bear, he has a butterfly habit.  But when we do, he’s sure to entertain us with stories from the early years of this snowy continent.  And Sana, A Friend to Yourself, will be given a place of honor (the big pink chair in the living room) from which she will dispense psychiatric wisdom to those of us in need.  And my newest friend, A Frank Angle, will hopefully be able to help me with my Political Science homework when he’s not across the street, giddily playing golf.

So get your tickets, dearies, and as soon as the planes are flying again, I’ll meet you at the airport.

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29 Responses to Party at my house

  1. This was great! Thanks so much for the mention, Z. I’ll gladly make the tea. Just please remove all bobbleheads from the living room. 😉

  2. I would just LOVE to be in charge of arts and crafts! Everyone must start collecting items for their materials box immediately. This will include quick drying glue, pine cones, sea shells, colored pencils , acrylic paints . Just blue, yellow, red, black and white ( we can make any and all colors from those), paper clips, tape,lots of old picture magazines, rags, newspaper, a ruler, a compass…. Well you get the idea and LET’S GET TO WORK! I will provide the Beatles background music. I may even be able to get Capt. Kangaroo to drop by.

  3. Linda Lewis says:

    Hey Z, I’m in. When do we start? Might be kinda hard to get out of Houston at the moment as everything is shut down in anticipation of tonight’s winter storm.
    I’m going to Maine next week, and I heard from a friend that I won’t be able to get to the house if someone doesn’t come in advance and clear away the snow. What a winter it has been so far.

    • Zahara says:

      Yay! I’m so glad you’re coming. Get here as soon as humanly possible. I’ll clear the table.
      This whole snow thing is out of control! Skip Maine, fly west.

  4. Hippie Cahier says:

    You had me at sunny backyard, fence or no. Thank you for the invitation. Do you have a Pop-Tart preference?

    • Zahara says:

      I’ll reserve one of the lounge chairs for you. Bring a towel and some sunscreen.
      I’m embarassed to say I do not have a pop-tart preference. I like them all.

  5. mimie says:

    😉 Its soo nice of you Zahara. Yeah, its cloudy sunny here in Malaysia

    So… for you dear,
    I’ll push the sun out of the sky, I’ll chase the clouds out of sight
    Pull it directly to where your are

  6. afrankangle says:

    Hey hey hey … many thanks Z for the invite. Sounds like a great party & I’m glad to join the fun.

    Thanks for the plug. An FYI: I have two standard posts: Monday Morning Entertainment to start the week (these are fun to find or even cruise through the Category) and Opinions in the Shorts (Friday). In between are a variety of topics.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much this week as I’m in the midst of a major remodeling project. What a mess … but the contractors are just about done! Have a good weekend.

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. This is so awesome! The Hipster and I won’t let you down. What day is the party? I think we should plan snacks around whatever food holiday is that day.

    • Zahara says:

      The party starts when the first guest arrives and it goes ’til 6 weeks after the groundhog sees his shadow. That’s a lot of Food Holidays. Hope you can keep up.

  8. duckofindeed says:

    A battle to the death?! Sounds awesome!
    By the way, I noticed you added my blog to your blogroll. Thanks muchly! The duck feels loved.

  9. jesswords10 says:

    Found your blog through Margaret’s link. Is there a list for this party? Who do I have to bribe to get in on the sunshine, crafts, and tea? You said you needed movies, eh? You’re in luck, I’m a movieholic. What if I just sit quietly in the corner and promise to do everyone’s laundry to earn my keep?

  10. You are awesome! I’m packing my bag as we speak and am up to the challenge of running that very full house. I assume dress code is whatever the hell we want. I am a bit obsessive so I’m afraid I’ll show up with a schedule for who is cooking, when the food will be ready, what dishes need to be clean for serving, and when people need to forage themselves while the cooks take a break. But I do remind people to get to their tasks with a smile on my face.

    I love tea. I love movies. I love sunshine. I’m just concerned about the wi-fi bandwidth with so many bloggers on the premises, so I’ll have to give that some thought.

    Can you clip some of the want ads? I may as well take advantage of some job searching while I am there. And can I PLEASE sit in the pink chair just once and sip my tea?

    • Zahara says:

      Can’t wait ’til you get here. This little duplex won’t know what hit it. Dress is casual, this is California after all. Obsessive-with-a smile is good. I’m sure Sana will share the pink chair. She didn’t become a Friend to Herself before becoming a Friend to Everyone Else.
      A bandwidth to match the blogfest, thanks for thinking of it. If Thoughts and Hippie do their job properly, the width of the bloggers is bound to expand.
      I’ll clip some ads for you, as long as it won’t interfere with your duties around the house:) See you soon.

  11. omawarisan says:

    I’ll start packing. Its been forever since I stepped on a Lego in the dark, and I think I miss it.

    Is there a hill in the lot at the grocery? I like riding the cart back to the car.

    • Zahara says:

      There is a hill in the lot at the grocery store. Please refer to my “shopping cart incident/bionic man” post. Just because Huffygirl’s gonna be here (I hope. Though she is taking all this snow in maddening stride) is no reason to get yourself bloody. Do be careful.
      I’ll do my best to corral all delinquent legos before you get here.

  12. I will bring the CHEESE DIP! Thanks for the invite! I feel honored 🙂 I don’t want to overload Techy, but can I bring a friend? 😉 love love love this post!

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