bright shiny thing in the sky

It’s an orb, it has bright lights, it’s hovering over the neighbor’s house, it’s blinding me!  HELP!

The entire neighborhood is illuminated!  NO, NO!  People are coming out of their houses to stare at it, they’re being blinded too!  Fools!  Go back inside!  Call 911, Call the Air Force, Call your congresspersons!  Call your mother!

Oh, no, wait.  It’s the sun.  My bad.

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16 Responses to bright shiny thing in the sky

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    We here in Texas thought it was high time we shared it with ya’ll…… you are very welcome! Send it back when you are done!

    • Zahara says:

      It is so wonderful. After weeks and months of rain, fog, drizzle, cold, and damp, this morning it finally broke open, all at once, a bright, sunny, clear, warm, completely blue-sky day. It was like waking up on another planet.

  2. That cracked me up. I know how you feel. It’s sunny here today. Yay!!!
    Hey, is that pot puppy in your header?

    • Zahara says:

      Hooray for the sun! Worshipping, worshipping, bowing down…. Shall we do a simultaneous-cyber-sun-salutation? Let’s.
      Even though my little pooch is now officially a pot-head, header-puppy is not her. It’s a dog I passed on the bike path the other day, as I was walking from school to my car, which I park about a mile from the school to avoid a congested parking lot and to get in some exercise.

  3. huffygirl says:

    It must have been a world-wide phenomenon sighting – we had the shiny orb here today too. Children crying, people running in fear. Sunglasses Hut sales out the roof!

  4. scrambled7 says:

    Aaah, the sun. In India, the rain is awaited more than the sun. So we all rejoice when the monsoons arrive. But I’m happy you got your bit of sunshine. 😀 😉

  5. afrankangle says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for your region! La Nina has created too much havoc. I’m a wine lover, so I fret about the potential effect on the fruits from the vine. Of course rain is followed by drought. Oh the cycles in life.

  6. The sun is so foreign here too…I might have sworn it to be a UFO…I cannot wait for this UFO to stay longer than a day before it switches to cold and rain….sigh! COME ON SUMMER!

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