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box full of sweetness

I am the proud aunt of the two cutest nieces on the planet.  They live in Florida and they are 6 and 8 years old. They picked a boxful of oranges and grapefruits from their nighbor’s tree and sent them to … Continue reading

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Running the Gauntlet

I ran the gauntlet tonight, and it was worth it.  It is pouring rain.  I drove out to the coast.  (*For the second time today)  Jim and Kate were at the end of that drive, bearing turkey soup loaded with … Continue reading

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Have a very Chevy Christmas

A simple wreath is never enough for the tree farmer/boyfriend: This is what happens when you go 4-wheeling in the tree fields in December.  The craziest stuff gets stuck to your grill.

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Little Blue Spruce

A message to you, dear readers, from me, via my mother: We have a small, living-in-a-bucket, Blue Spruce, courtesy of Marty, the retired tree farmer boyfriend.  Little Blue Spruce relaxes in the shade of the backyard when he’s not hard … Continue reading

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Here is what you feed a kid with Pneumonia, a six-foot-five, 250-pound fourteen year old who has hardly eaten in six days.  A kid, by the way, who is feeling a lot better and coughing a lot less now, thank you. … Continue reading

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I am not going to blog today

   That’s right, no blogging.  I am going to turn off the computer.  I am going to shut it down, not simply hibernate.  I am going to close the lid on the laptop.  No blogging today.  I am not going … Continue reading

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Top Hat down…

The top hat has been sitting on the couch alot this week.  That’s because the head it normally accompanies is in bed. Last Thursday evening I left for a long weekend at Marty’s, 3 hours away.  Friday night when I checked … Continue reading

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cutting into my blogging time

This whole going to school business is cutting into my blogging time.  Do my professors think it’s easy being a blogger?  Yes, yes they do.  Otherwise they wouldn’t pile me up with essays and projects and critiques on a regular … Continue reading

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bear sign, hoofenwoofers, fun with fungi, and a Mendocino sunset

Friday, mental health day.  Only one more essay to write (the value of literature) and a critique in ceramics class and I am finished with the semester.  Turned in my final Statistics project on Wednesday.  I am so done with … Continue reading

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Top hats and hitchhikers

7:20 am, the phone rings and it’s Ivan.  “Can you come get me? I missed the bus.”  “Sure, I’ll be there in a bit, start walking.” Ivan slept at his Dad’s last night, just a mile down the street from … Continue reading

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