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somewhere between heaven and hell

This was a strange Halloween, in that I attended a baptism in the morning and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters in the evening.  Yesterday I learned from the church lady that Halloween and the Catholic church do not mix.  Witchcraft is … Continue reading

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the church lady

Loud Latino music rocked just outside one end of the dimly lit cavernous room, a halloween carnival in progress.  On the way in we passed multiple young ladies in big white dresses, and little trick or treaters plodding along the … Continue reading

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thumping the second-graders

“How did they do last night?”  A hunched, elderly gentleman shuffled diagonally across the empty parking lot, wearing a black jacket and matching hat emblazoned in orange with  San Francisco and SF respectively, popular attire this week.  Two steps from our paths crossing,  … Continue reading

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somebody else’s words…enjoy.

The Book of Tea I. The Cup of Humanity   Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. In China, in the eighth century, it entered the realm of poetry as one of the polite amusements. The fifteenth … Continue reading

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life and death

6:30 am.  Dark upon waking, and cold.  Who wants to ride their bike in this?  Hot tea, inspiration, it’s gonna brighten up and blue skies will bring me home.  Ok, spandex, book bag, wallet, camera, helmet, glasses, red gloves, thin … Continue reading

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monday #1, big pink chair

My ring is encrusted with clay, Sonora White, my eyes are bugging out ’cause I spent the last hour or so filling out an on-line state university application, and now I’m gonna settle into my big pink wing-back thrift store … Continue reading

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wet dogs and mad men

Last night felt like a hurricane up here on the mountain.  Big heavy trees swaying, swinging in the gusts.  Rain pelting the roof in fits and starts, lulling me to sleep between distracting dreams, bursts of wind-driven watery pellets smack the house like … Continue reading

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weird blue masks

Ceramics class.  These are the masks I made yesterday.  It is required that we make a mask, and because I can get really fussy and spend way too much time on stuff, I decided to just whip these out in … Continue reading

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miscellaneous restlessness

Feeling restless.  High tech, low tech, here is my desk, a folding table covered with a tablecloth and a chunk of oilcloth.  Shaping my blog posts, pinching the clay, looking out on a beautiful day.  Create something using the coiling technique.  … Continue reading

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Jay-walking and thrift-shopping in downtown Pet-a-Llama

No Llamas were injured in the writing of this post. Theme for Friday: strange things crossing the street in strange places. Driving through the bucolic countryside enroute to Pet-a-Llama, I swerved to avoid a large empty can rolling across the road, … Continue reading

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