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Key word: Chocolate or Cheesecake?

Or maybe it’s “horses”.  I like that I can post in a not-so-regular fashion, mention chocolate and cheesecake, and get a bunch of hits.  Kids, don’t try this at home. From now on I’m gonna mention those three magic words … Continue reading

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On chocolate and cheese and rolling around in the grass

Tomorrow is Chantal’s birthday, so naturally I had to leave the house early this morning and buy some chocolate for the cheesecake, I mean the “Luscious Chocolate Cheesecake”, that is in the oven as we speak.  Yes, you can be … Continue reading

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Turn it up loud and twice All week this song has been stuck in my head and occasionally belted out for all the  bottles of shampoo in the shower to hear.  May it get stuck in your head for a while, too.

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The pendulum has swung

The pendulum has swung so hard to the left that I am now skipping around in the sunshine, hoping that it will not hit me in the back of the head anytime soon as I deliriously enjoy it’s latest bounty.   … Continue reading

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bright shiny thing in the sky

It’s an orb, it has bright lights, it’s hovering over the neighbor’s house, it’s blinding me!  HELP! The entire neighborhood is illuminated!  NO, NO!  People are coming out of their houses to stare at it, they’re being blinded too!  Fools!  Go … Continue reading

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She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog

She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who now lives with her ex.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who broke into the ex’s tenant’s cabin three days ago and stole a pot cookie.  A … Continue reading

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blogged out

I’m blogged out and rained out and sold out and I’m a hold out. Raining all weekend. Rain, rain, rain.  Rain in the forecast.  Can you hear it hitting the pavement outside in the dark?  Can you feel the dampness … Continue reading

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