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Key word: Chocolate or Cheesecake?

Or maybe it’s “horses”.  I like that I can post in a not-so-regular fashion, mention chocolate and cheesecake, and get a bunch of hits.  Kids, don’t try this at home. From now on I’m gonna mention those three magic words … Continue reading

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She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog

She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who now lives with her ex.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who broke into the ex’s tenant’s cabin three days ago and stole a pot cookie.  A … Continue reading

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Got gas?

  Four hours before the guests arrived I decided to check the propane level in the big avocado-green propane tank that dominates my back yard.  Below E, it said to me. WTF?  Normally I fill the thing twice a year.  … Continue reading

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Party at my house

Walking along the warm sunny path by the creek, ducks with their butts in the air scooping goodies from down below, it occurred to me that I had to do something. A huge chunk of you, yes you, my blog-friends, are suffering … Continue reading

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What’s that smell?

If you’re a member of my generation you needn’t watch the video. The good news: No more endless driving. My fish will no longer be lonely and hungry on the weekends. More time to ride my bike. More time to … Continue reading

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Pierce Point, Part One

The other day I took a hike with Jim and Kate and Chantal and Ivan, out onto Pierce Point, one of the corners of the Point Reyes Peninsula.  Pierce Point is flanked on one side by the Pacific Ocean, and it’s tip … Continue reading

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kitchen sink quiche

Two whole-wheat pie crusts, one dozen eggs, a splash of milk; a small, tender zucchini, sliced thin, a handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered, and a sprinkling of scissor-snipped chives, all from the garden; half of a skilletful of ground beef cooked with mushrooms, dinosaur kale, … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday, everybody.  Marty is here, he’s out walking the dogs, we just got up, I’m drinking my tea.  I’m sure you’ll all be fascinated to know that I cleaned my house the other day, in anticipation of Marty’s arrival.  … Continue reading

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