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Come With Me to Calistoga….

After baking all those delicious desserts I needed a break.  A massage.  A hot tub.  You know the feeling.  And because he is awesome, Marty treated me to all three.  We went to Calistoga for the weekend. It rained all Saturday morning.  … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve: a late-night-photographic-culinary extravaganza, and a recipe.

I started baking at 7pm.  By midnight I was a rambling, happy fool.  And the house smelled like heaven. Rome Beauties living up to their name, the others pale in comparison   Rena’s recipe for Date-Nut Bread Use a well-greased … Continue reading

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The shopping cart incident and the Bionic Man

In one hand I was balancing 2 organic, whole-wheat, plastic wrapped pieshells topped with 4 little white paper envelopes, each containing about a tablespoons worth of spice for the pumpkin pie; nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, and cloves, anchored with a 99-cent biscuit that I … Continue reading

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What I really wanna do today

Skip school, make that list, pumpkin and apples and gingersnaps and butter, shop and clean the house and take a nap, call my mom, get caught up in the domestic thing.  But no.  Not yet. Eat cereal, drink tea, remove pajamas, … Continue reading

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Looking up, looking down, looking all around.

The sky looked like this in Petaluma on Thursday. Today, at home, it is gray and blue and white. Saturday afternoon and Marty is sleeping in my bed.  I am eating a vanilla/caramel ice cream cone and wondering why my computer’s … Continue reading

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Front-row shoes and purple hair

My statistics teacher  prefers that those of us who sit in the front row wear nice shoes.  I sit in the front row.  I’ve worn the same old pair of gray and white size 10 New Balance sneakers to class … Continue reading

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A quick tour of the premises

Something is sprouting from the mat on my back porch.  My back yard is a verdant jungle. …meanwhile, the front porch is getting it’s due. atop the compost pile Mr. and Mrs Pumpkinhead, may they rot in peace. As long … Continue reading

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Holes in my head

I’ve got holes in my head and I’m not impressed.  And you thought Mr. Pumpkin Head had problems. It’s my stupid Statistics class, the one that is threatening to mess with my 4.0 grade point average.  I go to every … Continue reading

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Mr. Pumpkin Head is fading fast

Sometimes I get so busy that an entire week can slip by without my hardly noticing.  In which case Mother Nature gives me little reminders: Next year I’ll carve my pumpkins a week before Halloween (instead of on Halloween eve) so … Continue reading

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Horses and warriors and cinnamon-sugar donuts

Astride sturdy, tall, dark-brown horses, my companion and I ride.  Smaller beings in wispy whitish clothing cling to the horses backs behind us.  Tricked by the gatekeeper, he leads us into the hands of the enemy.  Small men wearing thick black suits with half-circle indentations greet us … Continue reading

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