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leftover pancakes

Leftover pancakes make great afterschool snacks.  This morning Ivan didn’t feel like eating eggs, first time in 2 years he has declined the spinach and feta omelet that has become his staple breakfast.  Good thing, too, cause I was down … Continue reading

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football, you bet

 Yesterday was Ivan’s first day of freshman football practice.  When I picked him up afterwards, my six-foot-five-inch, two-hundred-sixty-five-pound fourteen-year old, my sweet boy, all dirty and sweaty, grumbled to me that he did not want to play football anymore and … Continue reading

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I like to wear red when I’m bleeding.  I like to wear my long, red,  flowing, soft, thick cotton skirt that hugs my body gently and flares out at the bottom, the one that gets too long if I wear … Continue reading

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cat hair and english 151

Mismatched, clean, colorful towels drying in the warm afternoon sun.  Washing machine churning away at the load of laundry Ivan brought from his dad’s house.  Chock full of cat hair.   A juicy purple plum has me typing with one hand.  English … Continue reading

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no butter

Angelina and Miles came across the driveway that separates our houses to borrow some parmesan cheese for their noodles.  I’ve had a whole unopened triangular package of it in the fridge for a while now and was happy to share.  I … Continue reading

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friday afternoon

…house is still a mess, story of my life.  Think I’ll crank out this post and then tidy up a bit.  Marty won’t be here for another four hours.  You’d think I could do alot in four hours, and maybe … Continue reading

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rambling rose

That’s me, rambling rose, no particular story to tell, lots of thoughts.  For instance, did the expired butter I used to make the chocolate chip cookies last night cause me to feel a bit off today?  Should I throw them away?  Or … Continue reading

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