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The pendulum has swung

The pendulum has swung so hard to the left that I am now skipping around in the sunshine, hoping that it will not hit me in the back of the head anytime soon as I deliriously enjoy it’s latest bounty.   … Continue reading

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blogged out

I’m blogged out and rained out and sold out and I’m a hold out. Raining all weekend. Rain, rain, rain.  Rain in the forecast.  Can you hear it hitting the pavement outside in the dark?  Can you feel the dampness … Continue reading

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What’s that smell?

If you’re a member of my generation you needn’t watch the video. The good news: No more endless driving. My fish will no longer be lonely and hungry on the weekends. More time to ride my bike. More time to … Continue reading

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Upon a whim, while tangled in the early throes of my love affair with poetry, I purchased a lovely little book of poetry from fellow blogger Eric Quinn, of The Rag Tree. http://cathay12.wordpress.com/ Amassunu can be read in one sitting, but that would be … Continue reading

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Less talk, more walk: Pierce Point, part three

So, to recap: blue skies, big wind, ear ache, turn around, touch the ground, get out of town. Return, see coyote, admire horse.  Buckle your seatbelts, earthlings.   The road passes right through the middle of a ranch.  Ten-Mile Beach over one shoulder…. Tomales … Continue reading

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On the line laughing; long distance love

I have a new love and his name is Poetry.  I just wrote this one: *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Must Capture Moment   Marty Party On the line laughing Me in my ugly pink chair Curled slightly laughing cradling phone cradling him reading … Continue reading

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Movie Review from one who’s read the book: “Eat, Pray, Love”

“Eat, Pray, Love”, a wonderful book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, has recently been made into a movie.  I listened to the book on tape last summer, read by the author, and I liked it alot, as did millions of others.  Last night … Continue reading

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wet dogs and mad men

Last night felt like a hurricane up here on the mountain.  Big heavy trees swaying, swinging in the gusts.  Rain pelting the roof in fits and starts, lulling me to sleep between distracting dreams, bursts of wind-driven watery pellets smack the house like … Continue reading

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weird blue masks

Ceramics class.  These are the masks I made yesterday.  It is required that we make a mask, and because I can get really fussy and spend way too much time on stuff, I decided to just whip these out in … Continue reading

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Whiskers in the Sink and Jump-Start Oatmeal

The text read “I’m on my way”.  He lied.  He didn’t show up ’til 7. But that’s ok, he meant to say he was on his way in a roundabout way.  He didn’t mean he was in his car and … Continue reading

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