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Leather-clad, purple-haired, top-hatted teen

The large fourteen-year old is a creature of habit, or something like that.  Three halloweens ago I bought him a long black leather jacket at a thrift store to top off his pirate costume.  It’s a woman’s coat (don’t tell him), … Continue reading

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The shopping cart incident and the Bionic Man

In one hand I was balancing 2 organic, whole-wheat, plastic wrapped pieshells topped with 4 little white paper envelopes, each containing about a tablespoons worth of spice for the pumpkin pie; nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, and cloves, anchored with a 99-cent biscuit that I … Continue reading

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the church lady

Loud Latino music rocked just outside one end of the dimly lit cavernous room, a halloween carnival in progress.  On the way in we passed multiple young ladies in big white dresses, and little trick or treaters plodding along the … Continue reading

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Jay-walking and thrift-shopping in downtown Pet-a-Llama

No Llamas were injured in the writing of this post. Theme for Friday: strange things crossing the street in strange places. Driving through the bucolic countryside enroute to Pet-a-Llama, I swerved to avoid a large empty can rolling across the road, … Continue reading

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Within a week of Ivan bringing home the framed Saturday Night Fever album, I found the John Travolta figurine at my favorite thrift store. (Sacks Thrift Avenue in Petaluma, California)  Synchronicity. Love your comments!

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