new tires

Marty and I took a walk while new tires were being put on his truck.  We were in Petaluma, Marty’s hometown, we were on the edge of town, and we meandered down a dead end street. 

behind a chain-link fence

the other end

and right behind it was it’s sibling

trucks being reclaimed by mother nature

a closer look at the little man on the door

Bill Ding?

across the street from this truck graveyard was this strange sight:

an old boarded-up house

every inch of the yard surrounding this house was taken up by a very tidy and verdant vegetable garden, presided over by 1 1/2 scarecrows.

from another angle

and just one street over, Hoolie, (nicknamed Hool-a-hoop) and Annabelle, stop for a rest in front of a craft store

Hope you enjoyed our walk.

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2 Responses to new tires

  1. Wendy says:

    are these your dogs – what proud animals! your photos, esp this last one, is award-winning

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