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blogged out

I’m blogged out and rained out and sold out and I’m a hold out. Raining all weekend. Rain, rain, rain.  Rain in the forecast.  Can you hear it hitting the pavement outside in the dark?  Can you feel the dampness … Continue reading

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What’s that smell?

If you’re a member of my generation you needn’t watch the video. The good news: No more endless driving. My fish will no longer be lonely and hungry on the weekends. More time to ride my bike. More time to … Continue reading

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Whiskers in the Sink and Jump-Start Oatmeal

The text read “I’m on my way”.  He lied.  He didn’t show up ’til 7. But that’s ok, he meant to say he was on his way in a roundabout way.  He didn’t mean he was in his car and … Continue reading

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