blue bobble-head cat, 75 cents

5 @ 25 cents each

this guy is the reason I spent $3 on a plastic bag full of little critters

another keeper from the $3 bag

miniature ceramic campfire, $1.

every household needs one of these, $1

my 14 year old son got this double album for free last week from a shop that was going out of business, vintage '70's

inside the double album

the back of the album, The Bee Gees!!

Within a week of Ivan bringing home the framed Saturday Night Fever album, I found the John Travolta figurine at my favorite thrift store. (Sacks Thrift Avenue in Petaluma, California)  Synchronicity.

Love your comments!

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4 Responses to mini-finds

  1. Wendy says:

    yes, also synchronizes well with the 70’s thesaurus purchased a couple of weeks ago!
    thank you for the apple in the pics – scale is of great importance. btw, Did you know that John Travolta and his wife are expecting another baby?

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    If you read enough of my blog, you will find that I am still obsessed with Disco. I have probably played this album/casette/cd over 10,000 times since the 70’s. Still great music!!

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