blue jay

Yesterday the humongous sunflower towering over my propane tank, the one that hovers outside my bedroom window, the one that interferes with my clothesline and gets away with it, looked like this:

The blue jays have been happily feasting on it.  So this morning, just before I left for school, I set my jewelry box quietly upon the windowsill and balanced my camera on top of it.

The aforementioned clothesline.  Now where were we?  

Blue Jays, pesky, raucus, vibrant, and welcome in my garden.  Not that I have any say in the matter.

I believe we’ve been spotted a time or two…

While this Jay was having his/her way with the giant sunflower, several smaller chickadee-looking feathered friends were feasting on the smaller bronze-blackish-dark red sunflowers below and behind this one.

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