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cream of the crop and mother’s coffee cake

Some pictures I like. Super Hoolie, Mendocino   Jewish Coffee Cake, from my mother’s recipe box.  This recipe is really easy and delicious. Cream 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup soft butter.  Add 2 eggs, 1 cup sour cream, 1 … Continue reading

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Running the Gauntlet

I ran the gauntlet tonight, and it was worth it.  It is pouring rain.  I drove out to the coast.  (*For the second time today)  Jim and Kate were at the end of that drive, bearing turkey soup loaded with … Continue reading

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Winter Visitor

  All he’s done is leave tiny black turds in return for some butter to fatten his babies. Leaves succumb frost whitens windshields noses redden and run rain blows sideways trees tremble and he returns regular as Santa. Cold and … Continue reading

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What I really wanna do today

Skip school, make that list, pumpkin and apples and gingersnaps and butter, shop and clean the house and take a nap, call my mom, get caught up in the domestic thing.  But no.  Not yet. Eat cereal, drink tea, remove pajamas, … Continue reading

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miscellaneous restlessness

Feeling restless.  High tech, low tech, here is my desk, a folding table covered with a tablecloth and a chunk of oilcloth.  Shaping my blog posts, pinching the clay, looking out on a beautiful day.  Create something using the coiling technique.  … Continue reading

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Jay-walking and thrift-shopping in downtown Pet-a-Llama

No Llamas were injured in the writing of this post. Theme for Friday: strange things crossing the street in strange places. Driving through the bucolic countryside enroute to Pet-a-Llama, I swerved to avoid a large empty can rolling across the road, … Continue reading

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Cherry tomatoes for dinner and the big bad cherry tomato plant from which they came

Well, how could I refuse?  All I had to do was walk in the front door, grab a little green plastic basket, and then walk out the back door and wrestle with the huge plant for a minute or two. … Continue reading

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kitchen sink quiche

Two whole-wheat pie crusts, one dozen eggs, a splash of milk; a small, tender zucchini, sliced thin, a handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered, and a sprinkling of scissor-snipped chives, all from the garden; half of a skilletful of ground beef cooked with mushrooms, dinosaur kale, … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday, everybody.  Marty is here, he’s out walking the dogs, we just got up, I’m drinking my tea.  I’m sure you’ll all be fascinated to know that I cleaned my house the other day, in anticipation of Marty’s arrival.  … Continue reading

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My skin feels sticky from dried sweat.  Rode bike to school, lifted weights and stretched for an hour in Fitness class, ate a pear and a peanut butter clif bar, watched the first half of “Shakespeare in Love” in my English class, … Continue reading

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