She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog

She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who now lives with her ex.  Her sweet little Feather-Foo who broke into the ex’s tenant’s cabin three days ago and stole a pot cookie.  A marijuana cookie.  She didn’t just steal it, she ate it.  Poor little Feather Foo has been in bed ever since.  Day one she was very near comatose, could barely lift her head.  Day two slightly better.  Day three she is more energetic, can wag her tail again, but will not get up when asked if she wants to go for a walk, a question which normally sends her into spastic furry circles.  The internet says she will survive, she will be fine, give her time and water. 

She gives Feather lots of pats and sympathetic words, says goodbye to the teenager, and walks south.  Two houses down, old Mercedes station wagon out front, she opens a little half gate, knocks on a door.  Raucous laughter, greetings.  Mobiles hanging, seaweed, rocks, pinecones.  Wild mushroom soup, hot and spicy, broccoli and red peppers.  A mushroom cookie, Candy Caps, not psychedelic, sweet and earthy.  More laughter, warm by the fire.  Stories of dogs they’ve known who survived eating marijuana.  Don’t worry, they tell her, she’ll be just fine.  She is given a necklace, made of abalone shell, seaweed, and purple glass beads.  “I’ll wear it every day.”

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20 Responses to She drove to her old neighborhood to visit her dog

  1. The Hipster says:

    I have long suspected that chocolate chip cookies were a gateway drug.

    I hope Feather-Foo recovers soon. She’ll probably have a great story to tell.

  2. Bears love psych mushrooms . Butterflies love rotten fermented fruit. They get drunk. It seems the animal kingdom needs 12-Step programs too.

  3. Linda Lewis says:

    Poor Feather. Maize has never gotten into more than chocolate bars, and my bedroom rug bears the aftermath. Like Feather, she lolled around for several days, feeling pretty rotten. Dogs seem to have amazing recovery powers, so I’m betting on Feather.

  4. “don’t worry.” i luv it when i get told that. u were really cool about this.

    • Zahara says:

      My teenager thought it was funny. I asked him if he had eaten a pot cookie too. He laughed and said “I don’t do drugs. Some of my friends do drugs, alot of people I know do drugs, heck, even my dog does drugs…..but I don’t.” I cracked up and told him I thought he was smart.

  5. huffygirl says:

    Let’s hope she doesn’t need a 12-step program after this!

  6. I hope the pooch is going to be okay. It’s a good thing she only got to one of them.

    And I hope you are okay after your visit, Z.

  7. afrankangle says:

    Soon, the dog will recover enough to seek munchies. Hope the week improves for all.

  8. scrambled7 says:

    Hahah this made me laugh! 😀

  9. duckofindeed says:

    Gosh, poor doggy! I’m glad she’ll be okay! Pot cookie sounds like a cookie made in a pot. That would be a big cookie. I wonder if anyone’s tried that…

  10. Oh Zahara….this totally made me laugh so hard and totally makes me never want to do drugs! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

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