study, eat, delete

Rainy Sunday passes quickly.  Been sitting at the keyboard for most of the day so far, moving pictures around, deleting the dumb ones, pushing the old ones onto the external hard drive to make room for more….

Walk around the block in the drizzle.  A slug is crossing the road.  A worm is crossing the road.  Why?  They’re probably wondering the same thing about me.  No doubt they too are just out for a little fresh air, some exercise to keep their wormy-sluggishness in order. 

Leftover Chinese take-out in the microwave.  Roof of my mouth tender from last night’s too-hot-no-patience pizza fest.  Immediately after warning the teenager to let it cool before scarfing, this wonderful role-model sat silently cursing herself.  Granola for breakfast was a bad choice.  May need to medicate myself soon with some ice cream.

Join me.   

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21 Responses to study, eat, delete

  1. I could have written this post. My rainy Sunday is passing quickly. I’ve been managing photos too after getting a message that my external drive was almost out of space. I did not walk around the block–it’s doing more than drizzling here. From the second floor window, I can’t see if there are any worms or slugs crossing the road. Haven’t eaten yet, but there’s a good chance that I will burn the roof of my mouth after telling my son to be careful. Medication with ice cream sounds like a plan. See you there.

    • Zahara says:

      Howdy, M, glad to know I’m not alone here, even though the kid is at his dad’s, the phone hasn’t rung once, all the neighbors are away….a quiet day in the ‘hood, perfect for studying but I’m too restless. So I’m working on a rain skirt. My million dollar idea. Rip-stop nylon, a bit of velcro to hold it shut, wrap-around, full-length, lightweight, waterproof, whaddya think?

  2. scrambled7 says:

    Nice post!
    I love going through pictures on a rainy Sunday afternoon!
    And a friend of mine was a frequent reader of your posts. You might still remember her? Boom.ka.boom?
    And I’ll join ya for Ice cream. 😀

  3. It was really rainy yesterday here, too. I enjoyed it at first, but raining all day kinda stunk.

    I ice cream-medicated as well. Rocky Road with Magic Shell.

    • Zahara says:

      Spring will be here soon, and it ought to be a good one after all this precipitation we’ve had this year.
      I went with Coffee Ice Cream. Smooth and creamy.
      Magic Shell? You are a wild woman!

  4. Hippie Cahier says:

    I’ve been sidelined with an injury and unable to exercise for several weeks, so ice cream and all similar self-medication are out of the question. That’s the best part of a rainy Sunday. Congratulations on spending your so well. 🙂

  5. huffygirl says:

    Mine is Purely Decadent Chocolate Obsession soy – the closest I can get.

  6. I hope pizza was mushroom and black olive or that Greek cheese spinach thing. That makes the suffering worth while. Yep, ice cream best cure. I have not been getting notified your new posts and subscriptions are repeatedly dropped and people are not getting notified my new posts as well. Do you have same problem? Many do. Join us notifying wordpress – still not corrected.

  7. hilarious. maybe more so than u intended just because i’ve so been there before. sorry to get in your space but that was just all too familiar! enjoy the ice-cream. (it was worth it by way if u r wondering.)

  8. i love leftover chinese. it always tastes just as good!

  9. scrambled7 says:

    Aaah, no I was a friend of Isabells. Not a close one. We were pen pals like on the internet. She just kinda died in the online world. Don’t know where she went! :O

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