Beware The Cake Personality Test

Whaddya think, peeps?  Is it safe?  I have recently received comments from 2 people who suggested I take The Cake Personality Test.  Excuse me?

devil's food cake with coffee buttercream

devil's food cake with coffee buttercream

I’m suspicious.  I clicked on the blog address of the commenters and both of them had blogs that contained only jokes that seemed very un-original, like they’d been copied from elsewhere,  which made me go back to my blog and unapprove their comments so that none of y’all would click on the links.

Whaddya think, my worldly, blogospheric and internet savvy friends?  Is it safe?  Am I being silly?  Or is this a trap cleverly baited with buttercream?

Do we really need to take a test (bleck!) to know what kind of a cake we are? 

Should the words “cake” and “test” even be allowed in the same sentence?

Let’s keep our computers safe so we can continue to enjoy each other’s company, and if we want to mix cake and computers, I say nibble a little devil’s food cake with coffee buttercream while blogging, being careful not to let any crumbs hit the keyboard.

ps.  The photos are of a cake I made for a birthday party last month.  And yes, it was even better than it looks.

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14 Responses to Beware The Cake Personality Test

  1. Now I am freaking STARVING!!! 🙂 Thanks alot!!!

    • Zahara says:

      Bonjour, mon ami! Hey, I had the best dentist on the planet ’til he retired, a little Frenchman who rode a bike alot, who once said to me “everything in moderation.” And so now I eat a moderate amount of cake whenever possible, and so should you, especially with all those miles you’re logging. Ya don’t wanna waste away to nothin’.

  2. Boston Cream Pie is #1 for me. But why do they call it pie. It is a cake.

    • Zahara says:

      oh, yeah, one of my personal favorites also. If it’s got custard in it, count me in. There’s something about dark chocolate and custard together that makes me drool.

  3. Chocolate cake with coffee buttercream sounds heavenly.

    • Zahara says:

      It was especially good if I do say so myself. Freshly baked from scratch, the cake was particularly tender and light, and the coffee buttercream, just right……

  4. huffygirl says:

    Spice cake with chocolate frosting is surprisingly good. Hope this is typo-free – I’m still under the influence of my colonoscopy.

  5. Linda Lewis says:

    I would totally fail a cake test. Cookies? Now that’s a different story.

    • Zahara says:

      Not for lack of studying, I bet.
      Just yesterday I nearly failed the cookie test. Had to carefully saw off the burned bottoms of the first batch of chocolate chip cookies with a serrated knife. My oven likes to burn the bottoms if I don’t double up the insulated cookie sheets. The rest were fine, and Ivan’s “Dungeons and Dragons” buddies gobbled them up.

  6. duckofindeed says:

    Yeah, I’d be careful of the links, too. Thanks for unapproving of them and keeping us safe. I would be a marble butterscotch and chocolate cake, just because it’s good. That cake in the picture looks good, too. I must eat it with my mind.

    • Zahara says:

      Oh my gosh, have you actually eaten a butterscotch and chocolate cake? That sounds amazing. Butterscotch is my favorite pudding flavor, never had butterscotch cake though…
      Your mind may want a glass of milk with that…..

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