Stylish Smilish

My fabulous and decidedly stylish friend, Margaret Reyes Dempsey, of Conjuring My Muse fame, has bestowed upon me a vat of fresh and rather aromatic blog fodder in the form of ……..The Stylish Blogger Award.   

Thanks, Margaret! 

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and therefore there’s no such thing as an award without strings attached….


Yonder strings:               

  • Present seven things about yourself
  • Name about a half dozen bloggers you think deserve the award
  • Contact those people
  • Create a link back to the person who gave you the honor

    In reverse order, ala David Letterman, seven little known facts about little old me:

    7.  I was born in Salem, Massachusetts.

    6.  I like horses.

    ...and this horse likes me. I took his picture just this afternoon.

    5.  I can ride a unicycle.

    4.  I own a unicycle.     

    3.  I once licked a glacier.  Alaska, 2009.

    2.  Maine lobster is my favorite food. 

    Drumroll please…..

    1.  When I was a kid I collected pigs.  Not real pigs.  I no longer collect pigs.  Please don’t send me any pigs.  Send lobsters instead.

              Pic Cartoon Clip Art

    I’m fairly certain that Margaret has mistaken me for some other blogger. 

    I may not be stylish, but I know stylish when I see it. 


    Here are my nominations:

    Lulu’s Musings.  Linda Lewis sets a mean table matched only by the gorgeous food she offers up.  She’s super crafty, hops around the country in all sorts of weather, and she’s recently been to the Galapagos Islands. 

    The Duck of Indeed  The duck always makes me smile.  She can draw like nobody’s business.   Do not challenge her to a video game and plan to win.

    A Friend to Yourself  Sana is a psychiatrist, a mother of three, a wife, and a friend to every blogger who comes her way.  She writes a new post dang near every day.  Amazing.

    I Know I Made You Smile  Carl D’Agostino, retired high school history teacher, specializes in colored pencil drawings and cartoons.  He also has fun with collage. 

    As Told By CatMan, The Rose Bandit  This young lady is full of life and love.  She writes from her heart and leaves happy comments wherever she goes. 

    The Roused Bear  Well, I don’t wanna rouse the bear, but I love this blog.  A government bureaucrat, The Roused Bear offers up a detailed stream of U.S. history, interspersed with photographs he’s taken over the years.  And he’s into butterflies.  Go see for yourself.

    Okay,one more, cause not only am I not stylish, but I can’t count either:

    Thoughts Appear always has something sassy to say.  She owns a personal Pop-tart carrier, which is a good thing, otherwise her tarts might have gotten squished when that wolf sat on her lap.

    Thank You, and Good Night.


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    9 Responses to Stylish Smilish

    1. You can ride a unicycle? Whoa. I’m super impressed! Congratulations on the award!

      • Zahara says:

        Oh, my dear Thoughts. I need to add you to the stylish list, and quick. How did you escape, you ask? It was late, I was tired and a bit rushed when I posted. Probably not always a good idea to hit “publish” when one is half asleep. The real reason you’re not on my list is because I just assumed you had already been nominated a million times. The blogoshere is a small place.

    2. dear Z, so like i said, i’d look around and see what the frolic is about w other stylers – and it is awesome! u r such a sweetie to nominate little me especially since i can’t match shoes w socks. i’m blessed to know u and even if u don’t want the pick u just wrapped, i’m sending u oodles of hugs. thanks again. keep on.

    3. Pingback: Odd News, Apparently I’m Stylish « A Friend to Yourself

    4. Oooo, licking a glacier…you live on the edge. 😉
      Did you take the helicopter up to the top? I was there in 1990 with my grandmother. Amazing trip. I especially liked the white-water rafting around the icebergs. Very cool.

      • Zahara says:

        White water rafting around icebergs with your grandmother? Who’s living on the edge? In their PJ’s?
        I was there with a biology class. We rented 3 vans and each had our own little tent. It was June. It was epic. We drove all the way up into the Arctic Circle. I thought I saw a swarm of helicopters but it turned out to be mosquitos.

    5. duckofindeed says:

      Hi there! Thanks again for nominating me. I nominate you back! Your blog is a delight.

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