Little Blue Spruce

A message to you, dear readers, from me, via my mother:

We have a small, living-in-a-bucket, Blue Spruce, courtesy of Marty, the retired tree farmer boyfriend.  Little Blue Spruce relaxes in the shade of the backyard when he’s not hard at work holding up ornaments, garlands, and Holiday Spirit. 

This year I decorated the tree with 2 store-bought garlands, one set of lights, and ornaments made by my mother!  Every year she sends one or two.  This year I realized we had enough handmade-by-mom/grandma ornaments to cover the tree.  All others could sit this one out.  Hi Mom!  (I am the little kid on stage at the Christmas pageant who breaks out of character and waves to her mother in the audience.) 

Happy Holidays, Friends!

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5 Responses to Little Blue Spruce

  1. I want to hear an explanation of how this Douglas fir pine tree is set in the middle of a palm blessed tropical rainforest behind it. Did you receive magical spells and incantations for Christmas?

    • Kind of looks like your latest cartoon, Carl.

      Love the tree. When I was single and living in an apartment in the city, I used to get what I affectionately called a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. I loved it.

    • Zahara says:

      Good Morning and Merry Christmas, Carl. Here’s the story. The year before Ivan was born, his dad and I spent 5 weeks in Bali. Years later, Ivan’s dad did some work for a local photographer/Bali afficionado, in trade for this photo, which once graced the photographer’s living room (Richard Blair). The frame was built by Richard’s nephew and is as beautiful as the photo. Ivan and his Dad gave it to me for Mother’s Day many years ago. Everyone who sees it is astounded. Thanks for asking!

      • Hmmm. So it’s not a window? And you didn’t get the Christmas tree from the palm grove? Are you sure it’s a picture of palm trees and not a window? It looks like you are in Bali looking out the window. Are you sure about all this? I am confused.Very.

      • Zahara says:

        I wish I were in Bali. Maybe. Though it is quite nice right here in my cozy little living room, with my son and my boyfriend and our tree and the two dogs, opening presents and watching movies and eating christmas cookies. Life is good right here.

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