I am not going to blog today

   That’s right, no blogging.  I am going to turn off the computer.  I am going to shut it down, not simply hibernate.  I am going to close the lid on the laptop.  No blogging today.  I am not going to check my site stats or look at all those pesky Freshly Pressed boxes.  I am not going to hunt for clever blogs, I am not going to attempt to lure readers my way.  Forget it.     

I am going to decorate the tree.  It’s in the house, it’s in it’s place, it’s been watered, but it has been naked for the past week and I am embarrassed! 

My usual decorator is sick.  I am going to enter the chilly garage and haul down the plastic boxes full of way too many ornaments for such a small tree.  I am putting my foot down. 

Ivan usually decorates the tree with glee.  A tradition.  He decorates, I watch.  His method is to methodically place every available ornament and garish garland on the tree, helter skelter.  Charming.  This year I am going to take advantage of him.  He’s in bed, still recovering slowly but surely from Pneumonia.  I will decorate the tree.  I will ruthlessly weed out the odd, ugly, no-nostalgia-attached ornaments, and donate them to the thrift shop.  Only the most beautiful and heartwarming ornaments will preside this year.  This year we will be able to see some greenery beneath the decorations.

Which is why I will not be blogging today.    

Happy Holidays!

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18 Responses to I am not going to blog today

  1. I am not going to comment on any blogs today. I will do this because it will make the bloggers miss me and all my charming comments and then really appreciate it when I do. So today I’ll just take a pass and give it a rest. Plus it is very hard to come up with something cute and funny and refreshing as a comment all the time. I mean “Great post”” or “LOL” or “Wish I was there” don’t seem to get it and I would not want anything to do with such vacuous people so I am going to take a little break and perhaps make out some Christmas cards for people who sent ones to me and I did not send any to them. That would be a wiser use of time than responding to the dozen or so posts I like and stay busy all day and not make any comments on other people’s blogs. I am also going to practice using the period so as not to have 4 line sentences and not make any comments today either.

  2. I should follow your lead. I’m sick of it all today. I posted a blog on my favorite writing things last night and I have been mysteriously excluded from WordPress’s global tags. Blah! Can’t figure out how to fix it and my email to WordPress has not been answered.

    • Zahara says:

      Blogging has it’s quirks, hope you get an answer soon, I’m sure they’re looking into the matter as we type. I really enjoyed the blog you wrote about your favorite writing things. For so many years I rarely wrote more than a shopping list, but now that I’m in school and blogging, the writing thing has begun to blossom, and I love it, so it was fun and interesting to read the list of a “real” writer!

      • A “real” writer? LOL. Not sure what that means. Might be a good topic for a blog. 😉

        FYI: Turns out I had too many tags on my blog and that’s why it wasn’t appearing in WordPress’s global tags list. Apparently, about 10 tags is the limit. Now I know.

      • Zahara says:

        Yeah, I had a feeling that word “real” would be a problem! I used it for lack of a better word, or time or patience to come up with one. Hmmmm, how ’bout experienced. That wasn’t so hard.
        Too many tags, good to know.

    • Maybe some one has hacked and invaded you or stolen you. I don’t know enough to diagnose this. Perhaps a regular old US Mail letter to WP may help.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Hi. My name is Mark. (Hi Mark)…. and I am a Blog-a-holic…….

  4. I swear this was me on Friday. Plus I asked everyone else not to blog as well.

    • Zahara says:

      Hi there! So glad you stopped by. I’m still thinking about those wolf pictures on your blog. When that one was sitting on your lap, wow, I can only imagine how elated you were. Mingling with wolves is one thing that could tear me away from blogging!

  5. duckofindeed says:

    But, if you weren’t blogging today, how did this show up? …Are you…magic?
    I’m too lazy to decorate much anymore because I now just have a fake tree that sparkles, but I love this one penguin ornament. It is small, and I lost it for years, then finally found it. Come to think of it, it may be lost again.
    Hope Ivan gets better soon.

    • Zahara says:

      hello, Duck! Yes, i am magic. So is Carl. I sincerely hope you find that penguin ornament. Put it in a safe, designated place after this season so you’ll have him next year, too. I would also have a small fake sparkly tree if I weren’t engaged to a retired Christmas tree farmer who insists on the real thing.

  6. whoa, what a vehicle! RT

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