Top Hat down…

The top hat has been sitting on the couch alot this week.  That’s because the head it normally accompanies is in bed.

Last Thursday evening I left for a long weekend at Marty’s, 3 hours away.  Friday night when I checked in with Ivan he told me he was sick.  He forgot I was at Marty’s.  He had gotten on the bus that morning, but instead of riding it all the way to school, he got off near my house, feeling all achy.  Finding me not at home, he walked the mile back to his dad’s.  Earlier in the week, Monday, he had stayed home with a cold.  Strange.  But his father had been in bed sick the previous week, so I figured he had the same flu.

I kept in touch over the weekend.  Sunday night he told me he didn’t think he could go to school on Monday.  Really?  Don’t you have final exams this week? Yeah.  Let me talk to your dad.  Yup, still pretty sick.  Hmmm…

When I see him on Monday he is noticably thinner than he was just 4 days earlier.  I bring him hot soup to eat before I leave for school.  Monday night he is with me, tells me he was hot all weekend, spent Sunday in his boxers.  “I feel weird”  he reports as we lay on my bed watching a movie.  Monday night he keeps us both awake with his coughing….

Feels slightly better on Tuesday, but tired, and still no appetite.    

All he wants is hot tea with milk and honey. 

Tuesday night, less coughing, and he eats some noodles and chicken.   I wake him Wednesday morning, thinking surely he’s better now.  He says he feels tired.  “Hop in the shower, see how you feel after you wake up a bit.”  He calls me from the shower.  I think he has forgotten to bring a towel in with him.  “Can you bring me a chair?”  A chair?  OK, what’s up?  “I feel like puking and I don’t want to leave the bathroom. 

It feels like there’s a ball rolling around in my stomach.”  Shit!

After sitting for a while, wrapped in towels, he tells me his sheets were wet with sweat all night.  I bundle him in his bed and wait two hours for the clinic to open at nine.  I call them right at 9, they can see him at noon.

He’s in good spirits, but coughing, his skin and eyes glistening with fever.  We drive west, listening to poetry on CD.  The doctor examines him and asks questions and listens to his lungs.  “Pneumonia.  Mainly in his left lung”. 

He gets a huge shot of antibiotics in his butt muscle, plus 6 horse-pills to take home.  He asks the nurse for a Batman band-aid. 

His sense of humor never suffers.


“If he gets any worse, take him to the Emergency Room.   The fevers should subside within 2-3 days, bring him in on the 27th and we’ll have another listen to his lungs to make sure we got it all.”  Ivan pushes past us, his hand to his mouth, nauseous from coughing.

Now it is Thursday morning.  I snuck out for an hour, while Ivan slept, to deliver my final essay to my English teacher.  I bought blueberries and cream on the way home, plus a strawberry-banana-Orange juice smoothie for Ivan.  Last night he said he’s been craving scones and biscuits, and smoothies.  Hot blueberry scones will soon emerge from the oven.  I just felt his head.  Cool for the first time in seven days.

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21 Responses to Top Hat down…

  1. The poor fellow should be glad he doesn’t have to face a dozen old, I mean really old, Sicilian women, every one of whom thinks the the New Testament stuff was small change as far as healing goes. First they scrub you down with the harsh abrasive octogon soap(probably don’t make it any more) to get off the “first layer” of sickness. Then they put a backed onion to your ear and wrap it securely with old bed linen strips to “draw the sickness out.” The they use that garlic necklace to keep more sickies from “coming in.” And then at stage 5 they put Vicks on the bottom of your feet. The hot tea with booze in it was the only good part. And if you didn’t get better they are started to scream things like “How do your expect to get better if you don’t stop coughing and sneezing all day long”. And if that did not work they got the big wooden salad spoon and threatened to beat you and then you sure went to school whether you had “ammonia” or not!

    • LOL. Funny, Carl. I have some Sicilian in me. Luckily, the mixing with the Neopolitan, Polish, Russian, and Cuban has thinned out a lot of the crazy and has left me with bits of 5 kinds of crazy. 😉

    • Zahara says:

      Whoa, Carl, I just love the stories you tell. I had to repeat this to my kid and he laughed, then coughed. The Sicilian grandma method makes a big needle in the backside sound rather appealing in comparison. Vicks on the bottom of the feet! I might try that, if only for the humor factor! I like the garlic necklace idea, too. Maybe I have some Sicilian blood.

  2. Z, there must be something in the air. My little guy was out of school two days last week with a cold, and then woke up this morning all raspy in the throat. He’s doing much better after a day of rest, tea, and soup. I hope your cat is back in his hat soon.

  3. Hippie Cahier says:

    It’s so hard to see them sick. Did he have “sick eyes”? My kids always had the saddest looking eyes when they were this sick. Heart-wrenching.

    I hope he’s on the mend and that you are both well for the holidays.

    • Zahara says:

      Thanks, HC. My eyes probably are the sad looking ones, it’s when he moans weakly in frustration from the nausea and coughing that gets to me. He’s getting better, slowly but surely.
      Hope your holidays are happy, too!

  4. Katybeth says:

    Sick kids are the worst…my 14 year has been coughing and sneezing all week. We made a run to the acupuncturist and 22 needle pokes later ( Kid loves his odd acupuncturist–needles and all) he seems to be on the mend. Glad its winter break for two weeks; with a little down time in sight.
    Hope everyone merry and well over the holidays.

    • Zahara says:

      Thank you, Katybeth, I’m so glad you stopped by. Acupuncture, huh? I am impressed that your child loves it. I wonder if Ivan would go for it, he’s a bit needle-phobic.
      Happy, Healthy Holidays to you and yours!

  5. crud. i’m so sorry for you! my own family is rolling around and round in something yucky too but no pneumonia yet! ugh. i took a self-care d off and am loafing at Cosi’s for the morning in hopes that the pleasure leaks into all my cells for good defense! keep on!

  6. I think that the reasons things feel 1000x worse is because as moms we feel completely helpless if we can’t fix something. Especially when our babies can’t understand why they feel so bad! My little one is only 4…. So perhaps it will change!!
    Good that things are now moving up!!! Would love to join for a blueberry scone! X

    • Zahara says:

      Yes, that helpless feeling, fortunately there is so much we can do in comforting them, and having faith that they’ll pull through.
      Stop by for a scone and a hot cup of tea anytime.

  7. omawarisan says:

    Glad he is feeling better. Nothing replaces Mom when you’re sick. I can just imagine how happy you were going shopping for scone ingredients and the smoothie.

    • Zahara says:

      I can tell when he is truly sick because he would rather be at my house than at his dads, usually it’s the other way around. I felt terrible when I got home from my weekend away and realized it was more than just a cold, and then, yes, much better by the time he started wanting food again.

  8. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia…and how he suffered with this. I hope he’s able to catch up in the exams…? Mom’s job is never done.

  9. I like the way you used the images in this post.

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