Canary in a coal mine

Fish floating upside-down

rainbow colors, pale and stiff

damn, damn, Sam I am

Time flies

Gets away

Mail rotting in the box

Fish floating upside-down


This poem is a comment on how distracted I get around finals time, or any other time I’m stressed.  I forget to check the snail-mail, I forget to do regular water changes in the fishtank.  I never liked that fish anyway. Not.  I’m off to the mailbox.

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8 Responses to Canary in a coal mine

  1. Ice cream waves, that once
    filled strawberry caves
    have been re-flavored by the first
    ten amendments to the Half Gallon.

  2. i’m loving that imagery! sensorial. …and good luck w finals. keep on!

  3. Bee says:

    Oh sad. 😦 I’m sorry about your fish.

  4. Study hard, reflect often, and enjoy the remaining fish.

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