On the line laughing; long distance love

I have a new love and his name is Poetry.  I just wrote this one:


Must Capture Moment


Marty Party

On the line laughing

Me in my ugly pink chair

Curled slightly laughing cradling phone

cradling him reading poems aloud

to the man who doesn’t like to read

the farmer who likes to go fast

who prefers that a thing have an engine

than not

who loves his spoiled dogs

his well trained mutts who are a part of him,

one his left leg, the other his right.

A long pause.

Shall I read another?

 “That would be better

 than listening to you read it to yourself”.


I would love to know what you think.

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6 Responses to On the line laughing; long distance love

  1. “who prefers that a thing need an engine”(TOP DOLLAR SENTENCE) I think the hard working man eking out a living under harsh conditions has little use for “culture” as this seems to express, but doesn’t mean he’s without culture for there is poetry in the purr of an engine and satisfaction from the “art” of farming. A painting may feed the soul but corn feeds the body. The best poem that illustrates is “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman. Let me know how it captures you as it did me, OK.

    • Zahara says:

      Hello Carl, just returned from reading “I Hear America Singing”, plus a brief bio of Mr. Whitman. Ahhhh, the webs we weave. I like the poem, love to be reminded of the people and there work in that era. Mainly I love the idea that we all have a song to sing, each one unique, all we have to do is open our mouths. We are as noisy as birds in a tree.

  2. I like this side of you Zahara! Keep it up!

    If you want a little inspiration with poetry–you must look at E.E. Cummings 🙂

  3. Hippie Cahier says:

    I love — and have personally lived — the left leg / right leg thing. This is fabulous. Keep writing!

    • Zahara says:

      HC, I am honored to have you drop by! You are so lucky to have had the Jolie for a visit! I hope I get a turn in the next 30 years or so. Thank you for your encouraging comments!

  4. Love the poem…the last sentence is priceless. Keep it up!

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