Cherry tomatoes for dinner and the big bad cherry tomato plant from which they came

Well, how could I refuse?  All I had to do was walk in the front door, grab a little green plastic basket, and then walk out the back door and wrestle with the huge plant for a minute or two.  It begrudgingly surrendered more than a handful of juicy, warm, sweet and ripe little red orbs.

Back in July, this plant was a root-bound half-price leftover at the local nursery, but it was in a gallon bucket so I had hope for it.  That day I also purchased a root-bound zucchini plant and a really really really leggy regular tomato plant, both in ridiculous little 3-inch plastic pots.  I felt sorry for them.  And I can’t resist a 50% off sale, can you?

The Hole.   I had dug a huge and perfect hole in the sunniest spot in the middle of my backyard, right next to the freshly painted, avocado green, 150-gallon propane tank.  This hole was intended for a pretty little rose bush that has been living in a 3-gallon plastic bucket for a couple years now.  I had dug the mighty hole 18 inches deep and two feet wide and added all sorts of yummy amendments including delicious 2-year old homemade compost.  But the lady at the nursery warned me against disturbing the roots of a rose in mid-summer, and I always listen to the lady at the nursery, and so I bought the three  sorry little plants to keep the hole warm ’til rose planting time.

I loosened their roots and plopped ’em in the big ol’ hole and watered the heck out of them.  I gathered large stones from the edges of Marty’s 2-mile dirt driveway and made a nice little ring of stones around my miniature vegetable garden.  I installed an extra-large-size tomato cage over my new little friends. 

During the remainder of the summer, before school started, I tended them regularly, watering and encouraging them and arranging and tying branches through and to the cage.  They thrived.  Now that school has begun I visit them about once a week and I have watered them maybe once in the past month.  The zucchini gave me a couple nice fruits before it became buried by the cherry tomato.  I haven’t seen the “regular” tomato plant in quite a while.  As for the tomato cage, well, it’s been completely engulfed and knocked over and beat up by the big bad cherry tomato plant.  I think it likes it’s new hole.

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2 Responses to Cherry tomatoes for dinner and the big bad cherry tomato plant from which they came

  1. beautiful color and composition, especially on the second photo (but then again, I have a weakeness for blue & white porcelain 😉 RT

    • Zahara says:

      Thank you very much, I’m so glad you stopped by. I love the plate too. My friend Art, a 75 year-old world-class jazz drummer who never learned to read music, gave me a partial set of these plates several years ago, yard sale leftovers.

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