kitchen sink quiche

Two whole-wheat pie crusts, one dozen eggs, a splash of milk; a small, tender zucchini, sliced thin, a handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered, and a sprinkling of scissor-snipped chives, all from the garden; half of a skilletful of ground beef cooked with mushrooms, dinosaur kale, and garlic, and two spoonfuls of cooked brown rice (all leftover from Thursday’s dinner); some grated cheddar cheese, two grated carrots, a crack or two of black pepper, and a bit of salt. 

Whisk eggs and milk, pour into pie shells, gently add the rest of the yummies, putting the pretty tomatoes on top, bake at 350 F ’til it doesn’t jiggle , cover crust with foil halfway thru if it’s browning too fast.

Kate brought a beautiful dark-green salad and a loaf of freshly baked sesame-seed-encrusted whole wheat bread from the baker in Point Reyes.

Blackberries from the freezer (Ivan and I picked them last month), juicy, creamy, fresh pears cut up, sprinkled with a little bit of brown sugar, granola on top, baked ’til bubbly.

A bottle of red wine, a small dish of green olives, dark, sweet grapes, soft, purple figs.

We spread the picnic table with a deep orange cloth, and carried all the food (minus the cobbler) outdoors and ate.  Six of us piled into my car and went to the play.  The play was long.  We ate the cobbler when we got back.


Yes, I would love to hear your comments.

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7 Responses to kitchen sink quiche

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    My goodness, girl, I’d have liked to join in for this repast. I love quiche, blackberries and pears, so it would have been perfect! Happy day.

  2. sabrinadankel says:

    Ooh, yum! This looks so delicious! I really have to try it some time soon! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way, I’m glad you did, because that way I discovered your great little world here! Fantastic!

  3. That. Looks. So. Good. 🙂

    I love quiche so perhaps I shall have to dabble around with your recipe once I have more energy. Somehow you manage to make it sound/look like it’s still summer even though it’s pouring rain here (“the sky is weeping”) and I’m listening to Christmas music. 😉

    • Zahara says:

      There are remnants of summer still here in northern California, such as the tomatoes on the vine and the occasional zucchini, and last week we had several 90 degree days. Quiche can be a quick supper, especially if you use pre-made pie crusts and have leftovers in the fridge. I usually make my own pie crusts, but this time I splurged, ’cause time was short, and bought frozen whole-wheat crusts from the health food store (ingredients: whole-wheat pastry flour, butter, salt), gotta love that. In what part of the world do you live that it is pouring today?

      • The middle of the East Coast. 🙂 It was still pouring today – third day in a row!! – but finally the clouds decided to lift and the sun shone. That made people from around here so happy, as I suppose it can be imagined.

        I would probably make my own pie crusts, since I tend not to buy pre-made stuff that often. Okay, didn’t USED to do so. But since I’ve been married, I’ve started to see through my husband’s eyes a bit (haha, the eyes of a former bachelor!! – not sure if this is a good thing or not…) and while I would LOVE to have the energy to make home-cooked meals all the time, it’s not always gonna happen. Or even frequently. I do need to get better at that… hopefully in the coming months/years when I’m a “little more recovered” (whatever that may mean). But anyway, splurging is good at times – especially when you absolutely do not have the time to make things from scratch. 🙂 I know people who would never let themselves splurge, so well done on your part. (Hope that didn’t sound condescending – certainly didn’t mean for it to…)

        Once again, sorry for the long comment. 🙂 (Guess I’m just a long-winded person… ugh.)

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