Happy Saturday, everybody.  Marty is here, he’s out walking the dogs, we just got up, I’m drinking my tea. 

I’m sure you’ll all be fascinated to know that I cleaned my house the other day, in anticipation of Marty’s arrival.  It is wonderful to see my couch again, and I don’t miss the little piles of dust and debris in the corners of the linoleum in the hall and kitchen.  I love seeing my stove top bright white in the morning light.  And without the boxes and bags and backpacks and shoes covering the living room carpet, I realize it needs a shampoo, as does my hair.  Even the front porch has been swept and reduced to one chair, one stool, one horse; a tall (18 inches approx), handsome, black plastic horse which Miles, my three-year-old neighbor, likes to ride, and two matching plastic-terra-cotta-colored planters holding geraniums, one red, one dark pink, courtesy of Ivan. 

Tonight we’re going to see a play at the college, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, by August Wilson, with Jim and Kate and possibly Chantal.  All I know is that it is the first in a series of ten plays that he wrote about the African-American condition, and Ma Rainey was a blues singer born around 1896.  Beforehand we will have a little supper at my house, another very good reason to have cleaned the house. 

Tomorrow I will show you what I got at the thrift store today. ps, make that monday, or tuesday.  

I love your comments. If you have a moment, leave a little note so I can see who stopped by.  Thanks.

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2 Responses to play

  1. Hello… just leaving a note as you requested. 😉 I’ve been reading your blog for a few days now, have enjoyed reading the older entries as well and feeling as though I’ve “gotten to know you.” Well, at least, a little bit. 🙂 Hope that you have a lovely weekend as well, and that you enjoy the play tonight!!

    • Zahara says:

      Hello to you too, and thank you so much for reading my blog. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying it, your comment made my morning. I am on my way over to your blog.

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