I’m baaaaaack

Back from the weekend in Fort Bragg, Mendocino, and Ukiah.  Back from the weekend of indulgence, courtesy of Marty.  We ate and shopped and walked on the beach with the dogs.  Then we ate some more and shopped some more and walked on the beach with the dogs.  Repeat.  Now I sit with a cup of tea, home at last.  Ivan is nearby in the pink chair, reading the new comic book I got him, “Invincible”.  I love being home.

There are plenty of nifty little shops in Mendocino and Fort Bragg. But my favorite was the Humane Society thrift store in Fort Bragg.  They were having a 50% off sale.  Gotta love that.  I spent three dollars and some change.  I got an unopened roll of “fabic backed vinyl wallcovering”, stain resistant and scrubbable!, made in Canada!, 8.89 yards  by 27 inch wide, for 50cents.  I’ll use it to cover the table next time I do something dirty, like play with clay.  I got a thesaurus, “Completely new: Based on the Language of the 1970’s”, vintage! it’s three inches thick, and I’m certain that it will improve my writing!  I got a little cut-glass type footed dish thing-a-ma-jing, and a little flat pewter watering can, which I plan to mail to my super crafty gardening mother. 

Brugmansia, "Angel's Trumpet", all parts are poisonous if ingested

...next time you're in Fort Bragg...

Pippi's window, I love the shingles

the shingles closer up

a small sample of her wares, I like the bunnies

Fort Bragg windowbox, I love coastal gardens

Amaryllis belladonna, "Naked Lady", bursting beauties!


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