outta here

Clean the fishtank, rearrange things a bit so the fish don’t get bored, drink tea, eat granola, check the mail, put out the trash check the laundry, water the houseplants, return library books, check the mailbox, pack a bag, run the dishwasher, go for a bike ride, turn down the water heater, get in the car and drive.  Drive to Petaluma, hit a couple thrift shops, continue to Ukiah, check in and take a nap.

I’m meeting Marty in Ukiah, where we’ll have a cocktail, eat dinner and spend the night.  In the morning we’ll drive out to the coast and walk the beach and shop around in Mendocino and Fort Bragg.  Fort Bragg has the cutest little shops and wonderful art galleries, and of course there’s Glass Beach, a beach loaded with sea glass and other salt-water-worn stuff, the town dump was once there. 

My favorite shop is Pippi Longstockings.  They specialize in socks, all styles and sizes of far out crazy colorful wonderful socks.  Also some handbags, hats and scarfs, but mainly socks.  It’s a blast, great place to buy christmas presents!  And my favorite breakfast spot is Eggheads, has a wizard of oz theme.  There’s often a wait ’cause it’s small and popular.  Friendly service.  I love their fresh dungeness crab specialties, like crab benedict.  Seriously good.  I’ll take pictures. 

Happy weekend!


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