three good things

My son’s paternal grandmother died on Friday.  She was a large, generous, happy person who lived in a huge, old farmhouse in Concord, Massachusetts, where she raised six children.  She loved to create elaborate costumes and other amazing things with fabric.  When I married her son she made my dress and she sewed and embroidered a beautiful linen jacket for John.  Today I am reminded of a game John and I would sometimes play during our short time together.   I think his mother taught it to him.

Sometimes,   at the end of the day, perhaps at dinner, we would take turns telling of three good things that had happened to us during the day.    Simple as that. 

Here are my three good things from today, and it’s not even half over. 

1.  The sky was bright blue today, with white wisps of windblown clouds scattered loosely over it.  I couldn’t stop looking at it as I pedaled my bicycle home from school.

2.  Having enough money and enough room in my pannier to stop at the store and purchase a pound of locally raised, grass-fed ground beef, a dark-green bouquet of dinosaur kale, a crusty, dense, delicious whole-wheat baguette sprinkled with sesame seeds, one avocado, and two large bananas ’cause they were perfectly yellow from stem to stern.  Organic all.

3.  It’s Tuesday and I get out of school at 11:30 am.

How about you?  What are your three good things for today?  Do Share!


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