first rain

Hot tea and granola in belly.  Fire in fireplace.  Muddy-footed dogs outside.  Sweet, kind, handsome man in the garage, tinkering.  Cats curled up in their hiding places.  Rain falling all night, all morning.  Warm, dry, cozy house, warm slippers. Outside wet, blustery, thick fog.  Hummingbirds, undeterred, playful, business as usual.  Dogs want in.


About Zahara

gardener, cyclist, student, mom,
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4 Responses to first rain

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Hello Zahara. I’m so glad you found me because it allowed me to find you. It appears that we have much in common so we will have to follow along as our days progress. I like the poetic style of this entry, by the way. West coast, east coast, there is much of beauty on each. It’s been several years since I visited Mendocino, and I enjoyed the “handmade” aspect of it. Look forward to hearing from you again. L

  2. You transported me for these moments and I could see it all in my mind’s cinema.

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