Well, this is fun, my blog is starting to get a few readers and comments!  It’s taken on a whole new dimension!  Hooray, and thanks to all of you out there in yonder blogosphere, it’s nice to meet you!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled blog.

I’m up at Marty’s.  There’s a little stuffed pink starfish, Spongebob’s friend, sitting on the desk next to my computer, staring into space.  Marty is out there on his quad, raking smooth the dusty dirt road that he recently installed just up the hill.  We now have easier access to the top of our mountainside property.  Previously, the road to “the viewclimb” was straight up, steep, and narrow.   The new road is wide and winding, with switchbacks.  From the top, on a clear day, we can see the surf crashing on the beach, seven miles away as the crow flies. It has been barely drizzling on and off today, rain is called for this weekend, the first rain of the summer.  It’ll damp down all the dust.  Gotta go, I hear the quad approaching.


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