the van

Today Ivan and I are gonna kidnap his dad’s super crusty dusty dirty stinky nasty toyota van and take it in for a cleaning.  Ivan’s idea.   A belated birthday present, I believe, from Ivan to his dad, this car-washing thing.  Yes, we’re gonna take it to a place in San Rafael and they’re gonna try to talk us into the super-duper two-hundred-dollar clean-up special.  Which is what it needs.  But we’ll just go in for the wash and vacuum, nothing fancy, just muck it out real good for twenty or thirty bucks.  Run it through the car wash and then sit back while a team of hispanic workers descend upon the unsuspecting van,  armed with big bottles of spray cleaner, endless hand towels, and a high-powered vacuum cleaner.  I hope they’re ready for us.


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3 Responses to the van

  1. Haha. Who’s Ivan?
    Thats a Russian name. Are you Russian?
    Cause I speak Russian too 🙂
    Zdraste, ya znayu Russkiy 🙂

    • Zahara says:

      You speak Russian? What other languages do you speak, and where did you learn Russian? Ivan is my son, he’s 14, and he wants to learn to speak Russian. I need to find him a tutor. I got him a course on DVD from the library but he says he’d rather have a real person teaching him.

  2. Oh, my mum is Russian, so yeah I didn’t have to learn it, it just came out on its own :). And Russian is a very berry beautiful language 🙂 and I think he’s right, you can’t really learn a language as difficult as Russian from a DVD, you need to get him a tutor. And I also speak a little bit of German, a little bit of French, and since I’m the biggest Bollywood movie-aholic in the world I know some Hindi!
    I’m fascinated with languages you see. Every country having its own unique language, that’s pretty amazing.

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