Hmmm…well, I’m a big talker.  Did I go to the ceramics show a second time?  No.  Dragged my son to the car show instead ’cause I thought he wanted to go, he said it a couple times last week, then Sunday morning he says he doesn’t want to go.  i couldn’t have cared less about the damn car show, but it was something to do and I wanted to pull Ivan away from the video games at his dad’s house for a couple hours.  It was a beautiful, blue sky, perfect day outside.  As opposed to stuffy, dark, cave-like, stinky, messy, dirty, lay-on-the-mattress-on-the-floor-and-twiddle-your-thumbs inside.  So we went to the car show.  It was just down the street practically.  A seven-minute drive.  I parked at the library which was closed on a Sunday, so we could get a little walk in.   Two of Ivan’s friends joined us, Robbie and Big Sean.  As soon as they got in the car a chorus went up, “We’re hungry”.  Great, it’s one o’clock in the afternoon and they haven’t had breakfast yet, and I’m supposed to feed 3 hungry teens?  “Got any money?”, I asked.  “Noooo”, they sulked.  So I bought them each a sandwich at the deli.  Then I snagged 3 paper cups and went into the deli restroom and filled them with water for the boys ’cause I wasn’t about to pay two dollars apiece for them to drink sugar.  Big Sean is big and heavy.  A huge can of monster drink was in his hand when I picked them up at John’s house and it was still in his hand two hours later when I dropped them off again.  When I see people walking around with giant-size beverage containers in their hand I think perhaps they were not properly weaned as infants.  Or something.  A bubba, a security blanket, a little something to suck on.  

Ivan didn’t want me tagging along with the three of them, so I stayed away but kept them in sight.  After the show I dropped the boy’s off a mile from John’s house so they could get some more fresh air before they plopped their teenage butts back down in front of the video game screen.

this one was my favorite

love the shape of the windows

pretty inside


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2 Responses to monsters

  1. Wendy says:

    this one was hilarious. I’m reading them all. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll try not to comment 🙂 although at the moment I finding everything about these posts very authentic and compelling

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