Odysseus is ruining my weekend.  That man is powerful.  He has become immortal.  He is dead, but his story, though ancient, lives on.  And it is affecting mortal me. 

No matter that I went to the Ceramics Annual of America today in San Francisco, and my good friends Mel and Mike showed up too, and Ivan and Robbie didn’t complain too much about having been dragged along.  No matter that I got to eat a yummy, buttery, crusty, perfect little peach and blackberry turnover from Green’s Restaurant while I was there.  No matter that the show was wonderful and inspiring and I want to go back tomorrow and talk to all the artists.  Today I was too distracted, what with having to keep track of 2 teenagers and trying to spend time with Mel and Mike and also take pictures.  Yes, I think I need another day there. 

Odysseus looms.  Gotta write an essay, can’t decide on a topic, gotta decide and just do it.  The writing part is easier than the deciding part.  Help.  War, peace, fidelity, cunning, Greek gods, cyclops, Circe, Kalypso, Penelope, Telemachus…only the Gods can help me now.  Especially if I go to the show again tomorrow.

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