Juicy, juicy peach, sticky wet fingers, dripping, bitter pit.  Chantal, new blue scooter, coming over, walking, hiking up the hill. No dog on scooter, poor Fiona, stay home.  Headache, no nap, it’s Friday night.  Chantal, fired last week, hired this week, happy again.  House, messy, too much stuff, throw it out, organize, simplify, huck it all, start over.  Marty, waiting, impatient, wanting, sweet, kind, patient.  Fish strolling, picking at rocks, hovering, content, watching me.  Huge sunflower, sun in it’s face, at it’s back, huge and warm and hovering outside my bedroom window, like a full moon come down to look in my window, spy on me.  Close the dark brown curtain.


About Zahara

gardener, cyclist, student, mom,
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