bin bizzy

Been busy pedaling my bike to school and drinking tea, lifting weights, watching movies with my wonderful, eccentric English instructor (“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”, “Troy”) reading poems (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, plus his adventures with Lady Ragnelle, The Odyssey and more), laughing at the antics of my wiry, funny, wise, statistics instructor and studying for Mondays test, fighting with my fiance, wrangling with my ornery fourteen-year-old, crying in therapy (and laughing and learning), eating Indian food with Jim, Kate, Chantal, Lavetta, and JoJo, neglecting the garden, admiring the GIANT sunflower that hovers just outside my bedroom window, eating cherry tomatoes off the overgrown, rambling plant, wrestling slugs for strawberries, creating with clay, and feeding the fish.  Yes, I’ve been wonderfully busy since school started.  This morning the phone rang at 7am, on the day I like to sleep in.  It was Ivan calling: “my dad and I were wondering, is today Friday or Saturday?”  Not knowing what day it is when you wake up in the morning can only be a good thing.


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