Do i have the energy to work on my art project, the clay box?  Maybe a cold beer with lime would perk me up.  I don’t wanna go to bed yet, it’s too early.  Too late for a nap.  Drove four and a half hours on this lovely labor day with three teenage boys in the car.  Hot, plenty of traffic, rambunctiousness in the back seat.  That would wear anyone out, right?  Or is it just me?  I need a chill pill when I am with them sometimes, but I’m not into popping pills.  Ok, sometimes aspirin or advil for headaches.  Burgers and fries and cokes and soft serve ice cream at the halfway point.  That helped a little.  Now I am just brain dead, and soon I will go to bed.


About Zahara

gardener, cyclist, student, mom,
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