rambling rose

That’s me, rambling rose, no particular story to tell, lots of thoughts.  For instance, did the expired butter I used to make the chocolate chip cookies last night cause me to feel a bit off today?  Should I throw them away?  Or am I just feeling overwhelmed because school starts on Monday?  I’ve had a long, lovely, lazy summer and my house is a mess (though the backyard is looking mighty spiffy, thank you very much).   I feel like I have to have all my ducks in a row before school starts because once school starts I’ll have time for little else.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start the new semester with a clean, organized home?  Maybe tomorrow morning, right after my morning cup of tea and bowl of granola, I’ll use that energy to deal with the house.  Fire up a good book on tape or some loud music and get busy.  Marty and his two dogs are coming down for the weekend, it’s only fair that there should be room in the house for them to walk around and maybe lay on the living room rug.    Clutter tends to take over any open space if I’m not vigilant, and I’m not vigilant.  Marty often makes the effort to tidy up his dump before I arrive.  Of course he can afford to pay someone to do it for him.   I choose to work less and play more as a lifestyle and so I get to clean my own house.  Marty chooses to work his ass off and make lots of money, so someone else gets to clean his house.  At least it’s not me.

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