little yellow bird

The other day, up at Marty’s place, Jerry the bird lover, Jerry who owns and dotes upon two rescued cockatiels, Jerry who spends her free time volunteering at her local wildlife rescue center, Jerry who catches the “wild browns”, (the mice who come into her house) in Havahart traps and befriends them and creates elaborate homemade habitrail-type structures for them out of empty paper towel rolls before releasing them back into the wild, yes, that Jerry was walking toward the house when she spotted a small bird trapped underneath the house.  The house has no foundation and is raised about a foot above the ground.  Marty has installed chicken wire all around the perimeter of the house to keep his three effin’ cats (Fluffy, Fred, and Filbert) from going under there.  Over the years, however, gaping holes have developed in this little fence and the cats regularly hang out under the house, along with the occasional rattlesnake.  So on this day, Filbert had somehow cornered an innocent little bird under the house.  This little bird was up against the chicken wire, in a spot where there wasn’t a gaping hole.  It was looking out at Jerry (with pleading eyes, no doubt) as she approached, and holding onto the chicken wire with his little birdy feet.  Filbert was right on his tail, ready to pounce.   Upon seeing this little bird in distress, Jerry ran over and ripped the chicken wire away so the bird could escape.  The bird flew over to the front porch while Jerry chastised the cat.  Annabelle the dog was on the porch, probably preparing to greet Jerry before all the commotion started.  When the stunned bird arrived on the porch, Annabelle went over and picked it up in her mouth.  She probably thought Jerry was yelling at her, because when Jerry turned to the porch, Annabelle set the bird down back down and it flew away.  A little yellow bird.  It probably went back to it’s nest and had a heart attack.


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