the bear

I’ve made my every other week journey north to rattlesnake country, where Marty lives.   Bears and mountain lions and lots of other critters, but only a few people, share this mountain with him.  Marty says most folks don’t walk around the woods in these parts without a weapon of some sort.   They are scared of running into dangerous (?) animals or paranoid pot growers.   I prefer to stay on Marty’s property and not go for walks into the forest after dark.  In ten years of coming here regularly I have only seen two small rattlesnakes and one bear.  One night we were awakened at 3am by the sound of the trash can being knocked over.  I went to the bathroom window, which is on the first and only floor and directly above the 3 house trashcans.  Didn’t see anything ’til I looked up and 6 feet from the window was a small brown shaggy bear.  By small I mean maybe 300 pounds.  We watched him for a while as he casually bumbled around in the moonlight looking for food.  We even shone a highpowered flashlight on him and he didn’t seem to notice.  After a few minutes he wandered away, out of view.  For a while after that incident Marty and I would say to one another “what are we gonna do about the bear?”.  So far we haven’t had to do anything about the bear.


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